The Undersea Hunter Group

The Undersea Hunter Group is one of the world’s distinguished dive operators who specialize on liveaboard trips to Cocos Island. Created by explorers, biologist, military sea captains, equipment designers and underwater photographers, the company was formally launched in 1990 where their name was derived from their first vessel, the MV Undersea Hunter. But unfortunately, after 26 years of excellent service to its guest, she is setting sail to other destinations under the new management of a reputable dive company.

Their Liveaboard Vessels

The Undersea Hunter Group currently has 2 liveaboard vessels in exemplary condition which is perfect when you go diving in Cocos island since the land of this offshore marine park prohibits overnight stay.

MV Sea Hunter

Year Built: 1980 and restored in 2010
Type of Vessel: Steel Hulled Yacht
Length: 36 meters (115 feet)
Beam: 8.1 meters (26 feet)
Cruising Speed: 9.5 knots


MV Argo

Year Built: 2008
Type of Vessel: Steel Hulled Yacht
Length: 39 meters (129 feet)
Beam: 8 meters (26 feet)
Cruising Speed: 10 knots
Maximum Capacity: 16 dive guest + 9 crew



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The Journey to Cocos Island


Your trip starts once you arrive in the seaport of Puntarenas. You should take note that, although they offer a free shuttle, their pick-up stations are mostly concentrated in the Capital City of San Jose. But don’t worry, you will be informed by a representative of the Undersea Hunter the night before your departure as to the details on how you will be fetch-up. From San Jose, you will travel by land for 3 hours where this trip gives you the opportunity to see the scenic views of Costa Rica like the Arenal Volcano.

The Crossing

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Once all the guest are on-board, you will depart on a 32-hour voyage to Cocos Island. Most of the guest said that they were not able to go to sleep during this long journey. It is not because that the sea travel in this area is rough as conditions are mostly calm, but the excitement starts to set in because they know that in a few hours they are about to experience the dive of their life. At some point during the day, most of you will converge at the bow deck of the vessel where you can chat about diving or perhaps look for dolphins and whales which are abundant in this area.

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On-board Lodging

If you are thinking that your living condition might be compromised with the restricted space of the vessel, then think again. Each of their air-conditioned cabins can comfortably accommodate 2 guest where each room is equipped with its own bathroom with hot shower, a hand basin, shelf, mirror, cabinet and storage space for luggage. Do not worry about electrical sockets as each cabin has one where voltage can accommodate both 110 and 220 AC. Bed specification can vary in each cabin where you can choose from a double-deck, twin bed or queen-sized bed.

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Fine Dining at Sea

Photo courtesy from Faces of the Sea Scuba Holidays

When it comes to dinning, you do not need to bring any as food is provided during the entire duration of the trip, not unless you want to bring in your favorite snack and share it with the group.

The dinning hall is not just an ordinary room. It is a restaurant-inspired dining hall where you will have a gastronomic feast from an array of local and international cuisine prepared by their in-house chef. And what’s best is that the food is served in buffet style. Coffee, softdrinks, bottled water and beer are always on the house. But if you want to indulge in some alcohol, they offer wine which can be purchased on-board.

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An Underwater Paradise

Now, let’s leave the confines of the vessel, go out, get wet and go diving. Cocos island has over 10 dive sites, each with its own signature breathtaking experience. But regardless of what site you explore, the description will always be an underwater paradise.

Considered as the top diving destination of Cocos Island, Bajo Alcyone is a seamount situated on the eastern side of the island. Exploring this site allows you to see several cleaning station where you can see the signature species of Cocos island – the hammerhead sharks. Not just in groups of ten, but in hundreds.

Aside from this, Bajo Alcyone is home to large fish species where you can often see them in large quantities like the great school of jacks that comes in a tornado formation.

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Another similar site that will give you an amazing experience is Dirty Rock. Located on the western side of the island, this site is not really a dirty rock but a description used to described the marine inhabitants filing up the spaces of this offshore underwater structure.

Since you will be traversing in a vertical environment that is often subjected to strong water current, your interaction with the signature species of Cocos Island, which is the hammerhead sharks, usually occurs out in the blue. Since you are literally out in the open, your underwater experience in Dirty Rock will be one of a kind as the action will come from all direction.

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If you are thinking that the underwater action in Cocos Island will stop once the sun sets in, then you may be wrong. Actually, night diving in Cocos Island is one of the famous dives where you can interact with hundreds of active whitetip reef sharks. Exploring the reefs of Manuelita at night allows you to see highly active whitetips which is their complete opposite behavior during the day. What makes this dive more interesting is that whitetips will become more agitated with the light coming from underwater torch where they can turn into a feeding frenzy mode as they can easily see their prey.

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Beach Adventure

This particular rock was engraved by Jacques Cousteau during his research voyage to Isla del Coco.

While overnight stay is strictly prohibited, visiting the island during the day is allowed. Your beach adventure will start depending on the location of your anchorage site: either at Wafer or Chatham Bay. Once you arrive at the beach using the vessel’s skiff boat, you will go back in time and see rock engravings done by pirates and explorers who take refuge on the island.



You can also visit the Ranger station where park rangers will be very much happy to orient you about the islands biodiversity and maybe hear stories about pirates and their treasures buried in Cocos Island. They may even assist and guide you on their short mountain trail which allows you to visit stunning waterfalls. You will even have the chance to walk through a hanging bridge made up of confiscated illegal fishing nets and buoys.

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Deep Sea Submersible

To highlight your experience with the Undersea Hunter Group is their deepsea submersible which allows you to go diving up to 300 meters (1,000 feet) without getting wet. While the deepsea submersible is based on-board its mothership the MV Argo, guest of the MV Sea Hunter will still have the chance to go deepsea diving as both vessels meet at Cocos Island at least 2 days in each 10-day liveaboard trip.

Based on testimonies of guest, while descending down to your targeted depth, you will have this feeling of being one with the ocean courtesy of the submersible’s glass dome cover. The 360 degree view gives you a great sight of the mystical environment of the deep where you can deepsea sharks, oddly looking creatures with the backdrop of hammerhead sharks and manta rays on top at the shallows.

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Videos taken by the Undersea Hunter Group



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We are announcing to all Cocoholics (addicts of Cocos Island) and to those who are seeking the ultimate dive adventure that we are on the final stage of the agreement between the Undersea Hunter Group where we can assist and book you to either vessel of your choice.

Allow us to handle the tedious booking process and have more time preparing for you actual liveaboard trip to Cocos Island.

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