Viking Rock – A Haven for Multi-level Diving in Cocos Island

Photo courtesy from Undersea Hunter Group

Dive Profile

Type of Diving: Liveaboard and Multi-level Diving
Maximum Depth: 35 meters (115 feet)
Average Depth: 20 meters (60 feet)
Visibility: 30 meters (100 feet)
Water Temperature:  73 – 75 OF (22 – 24 OC)

The Usual Dive Plan

Located in the northern coast of Cocos Island, the reefs of Viking Rock will put your multi-level diving skills in to the test. Once you arrive at the small helmet-shaped island located at the northwest corner of Wafer Bay, you will start diving by descending down following a vertical wall that goes down to 15 meters (50 feet) deep.

At the end of the wall, you will notice that the reef slopes down further to 35 meters (115 feet) with several small plateau in between, which in general, looks like an underwater rice terraces. Each of this reef plateau offers a unique habitat, wherein the case of our Cover Picture, you can see spotted eagle rays and schooling fish like snappers and emperors. Aside from the regular reef residents, some of these reef plateau in Viking Rock houses some of the oddly-looking creatures where you will never miss interacting with a porcupinefish.

Photo courtesy from Undersea Hunter Group

No single dive in Cocos Island is complete without seeing its signature species – the hammerhead sharks. In Viking Rock, some of the reef plateau has a cleaning station where hammerhead sharks pass by for a quick clean done by the King Angelfish.

In some instances, the flow of tide will create mild current which often leads the direction of your dive towards the end of this submerged reef. Just in case this happens, your divemaster will lead you to a large rocky protrusion where it signals the start of your ascent. But before you start ascending, do not forget to spare a  minute or two around this rock where you will be amazed to see a good population of frogfish sitting proudly on top of cracks and crevices.

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A New Highway for Tiger Sharks

While hammerhead sharks literally fill the surrounding waters of Cocos island where you are guaranteed for a close encounter with them in Viking Rock, there is a craze that is fast becoming a popular attraction in this site where they are much bigger than the hammerhead sharks.

Most of the divers who explore Viking Rock has seen this highly feared fish where its body stripes has become an instant identification mark. Yes, we are talking about tiger sharks where it has been frequently observed passing by over this submerged reef off Wafer Bay.

So, on your next underwater adventure in Cocos Island especially in Viking Rock, always look in every direction where your tiger shark interaction may come in an instance and don’t let that stripe surprise you.

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