Munk’s Devil Ray

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Munk’s Devil Ray (Mobula munkiana)

Max. Length: 220 centimeters
Length at 1st Maturity: 107.5 centimeters
a value:
b value:
Depth Range: 0 – 30 meters (0 – 100 feet)
Frequency: Abundant in the world’s warm waters

A munk’s devil ray is a small-sized ray that usually congregates in huge numbers especially in areas with warm waters. During your underwater adventures in Cocos  island, you will often see them towards the end of your dive when you start ascending or making a safety stop in the shallow depths of the open water where this species are mostly found.

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You can easily identify a munk’s devil ray through its flat body with a pair of horns on its head, bulging eyes, pectoral fins that are pointed and a sub-terminal mouth that can be found on the underside near the belly.

In terms of body color, their upper body ranges from lavender to grey while the underside is colored white. But what really stands out is the white line that borders that upper and lower. This white margin is very evident especially if you position yourself on top of the animal during an interaction.

Breachers of the Sea

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It’s not that Munk’s devil ray has violated certain provision of a contract, but rather what we are talking about is their ability to leap out of the water.

Aside from seeing them underwater when diving, you can also see a munk’s devil ray leaping out of the water during one of your boat rides around Cocos island. Sharing the same characteristic with their close relative the Chilean devil ray, a munk’s devil ray may congregate in one area where they simultaneously swim in one direction where most of them will leap out of the water. However, this amazing phenomenon does not occur whole year round as scientist claimed they only do it during mating and migrating season.

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IUCN Redlist of Threatened Species:

World Register of Marine Species:

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